In the last 30 days, we have received an average of 4.2 applications on every property leased. With so much competition out there, we have put together some tips to make yours, the best application.



Inspect the property prior to submitting an application

Most good agents will not accept an application form prior to the applicant viewing and accepting the condition of the property.  Applications received from applicants who have only viewed the property online, are rarely considered.

Make sure the application is fully signed and initialed by all applicants before submitting the application

Due to Privacy Regulations, agents are unable to carry out references checks unless the application form is fully signed so your application can never be considered without it being fully signed.

Complete ALL sections of the application form

Submitting an incomplete application means that agents cannot completely process your application.  If you own the home you currently live in, supply your selling agent details or the details of the Property Manager who will be renting out your home after you vacate.  If you are not currently working, put down your past two previous employers.

Ensure the information provided is current and correct

It is particularly important to ensure phone numbers of your past and present landlord/agent and references are correct, otherwise, references can not be checked and confirmed

Next of Kin/Emergency  Contact & References

Don’t use additional applicants as your next of kin or references.  They should always be people who will not be residing at the property with you. And ensure that next of kin and personal references are different for each applicant.

Give your employer prior notice that we will be contacting them

Some employers hesitate to give out personal information such as income and employment terms to a stranger on the phone.  If you let them know in advance that we will be calling, they can freely confirm

Always include 100 points of I.D for each applicant 

Driver’s license and or your passport should always be submitted, along with copies of bills, such as electricity or gas, showing your current address.

Provide supporting documentation

Attach supporting documentation, such as a payslip, front page of your tenancy agreement/s, or any written references you may have, to your application


The most important tip of all is to be respectful to both the property and the Property Manager when viewing.  Becoming aggressive toward the Property Manager or walking muddy footprints through a property viewing, will almost guarantee your application being the last to be considered.