Be a squeaky wheel, when it comes to strata.
Yes, some may consider the person who has lots to say in a strata meeting, rather err… annoying. However, Jimmy Thomson the editor of told The Financial Review that being apathetic towards strata decisions may end up costing you more money and possibly sleep… in the long run.

Mr Thomson says more than half of Australia’s apartments are owned by investors and many owners make the mistake of passing the responsibility entirely into the hands of the rental agent.

“This means the owners may not be aware of the state of the building, including how it looks or what it’s like to live in,” he said.

He also warns property owners that they need to ensure the body corporate aren’t going for the cheapest option – from strata managers to cleaning, painting and security systems.

“Investing in updated security systems means yours will no longer be the least secure building on your street and crims will look elsewhere,” he said.

Mr Thomson says the only solution is to get involved and not let neglectful or apathetic neighbors ruin your investment and if a problem arises – make sure it is dealt with sure and fast by the Strata Committee.

As the old adage goes; the squeaky wheel gets oiled.

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