Gow Property offers a range of services for the benefit of prospective residential property buyers and sellers; existing residential property owners who rent out their houses and prospective and existing tenants. We operate throughout the metropolitan area and specialise in the area from East Perth to Scarborough to Fremantle.

Property Management

The Property Management team, overseen by Dee Gow, includes 4 full-time Property Managers, 2 full-time Assistant Property Managers, a dedicated Trust Accountant along with a full-time Administration Assistant.

Each property is assigned an individual Property Manager who controls all aspects of the property (such as leasing, inspections, maintenance, arrears control, etc.) This Property Manager will always be your point of contact.

Your Property Manager is assisted by an Assistant Property Manager, Trust Accountant, and Office Administrator. This means that should you contact our office and your Property Manager is unavailable their support staff is on hand to assist you with your query.

Some of our many management services include:

  • Marketing and advertising of available property.
  • Conducting home opens and private inspection of available property with prospective tenants able to book viewing times via a 24/7 online booking system.
  • Thorough tenancy and reference checking (including a tenant data base check) prior to presenting tenancy applications to landlords
  • Thorough induction with new ingoing tenants to ensure they are aware of their rights and responsibilities to the property and the tenancy act.
  • Rent and/or other outgoings (such as water consumption) collected from the tenant and paid out to owners on the 25th of each month, which ensures the funds are in your bank prior to any mortgage payments coming out at the end of the month.
  • Provide both monthly and yearly financial statements ready for tax time.
  • Payment of outgoings (such as council rates & water service charges) from the rental funds collected should you require.
  • Attend to reported maintenance items in accordance with the guidelines and instructions established with each individual owner.
  • Thorough ingoing, outgoing, and routine inspection reporting which includes digital photography.
  • Bond collection, lodgement, and disbursement.
  • Should the need arise, lodgement of court documentation and presentation in court.
  • Completing detailed start of tenancy inspections and end of tenancy inspections (Bond inspections and Property Condition Reports)
  • Arranging for lodgement of tenant bonds and deductions of money for damage when a tenant terminates his/her tenancy.
  • Keeping detailed records
  • Providing advice on your property to obtain the best outcome for you

Strata Management

The Strata Management team, headed up by Christine Gow, comprises of 3 full-time Strata Managers, 2 full-time assistants and a dedicated trust accounts manager. Together they manage over 110 strata communities ranging from residential units, retail shopping centres, light and heavy industrial complexes and mixed developments ranging in size from 3 to 75 lots.

Some of our many management services include:

  • Establish and register the strata constitution
  • Hold the required annual meetings at our offices
  • Keep minutes and records.
  • Arrange for collection of strata levies and hold these levies in a trust account
  • Arrange insurance, maintenance etc of the common areas.
  • Assist in dispute resolution.
  • Maintain an independent presence.


We also provide a residential sales service for people wishing to sell their property.

We do not inflate prices (“buy the listing”) to attract a seller but provide realistic information and price based on local knowledge, recent sales, and realistic appraisals.

A summary of our sales service:

  • Free Market appraisals
  • REIWA approved selling authority for property sellers, which, is a legal agreement offering sellers maximum security.
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Home opens and inspections
  • A large potential buyer base from amongst our existing owner client base.
  • Negotiation with potential buyers on behalf of owners
  • Assisting buyers with the Offer and Acceptance Agreement
  • Arrange building inspections, valuations, termite inspections, etc should they be required in the sale process.
  • Maintaining a close link with a property seller on all aspects of the sale.
  • Assisting a seller with suitable settlement agencies.
  • Completing the correspondence necessary when a sale takes place (settlement agency, strata company, tenants, insurance, etc)
  • Assisting the buyer to take possession in the most expedient and practical manner.
  • Holding deposits in the Company’s trust account.

Our rates are competitive and our personalised service is one of the best in Perth.

Buyer Representative

We will act on behalf of a person intending to buy a property. Often, having a real estate agent involved in the buying process can be of great benefit. Local knowledge, price awareness and property condition can be assist a buyer to obtain the best. This service costs the buyer nothing. The commission paid to the selling agent is split between the selling agent and the buyers agent- a process commonly known as “conjunctions”


Unlike Sydney and Melbourne, Perth property sellers prefer to sell their properties on a negotiated sale basis using a system of bidding and counter-bidding to arrive at an agreed price. However, sometimes a property has that “something extra” which is difficult to price. In such an instance, an auction is the best way to let the market determine the price.

Gow Property will arrange for a suitable auctioneer together with the necessary advertising for the sale of the property. Following the auction, as part of the service, our Company will assist with all the arrangements for settlement and transfer.

6. Memberships and Associations

Our Company believes in the importance of holding memberships to the relevant professional and industry organisations. The advantages offered to our customers in doing so are:

  • Offers our clients satisfaction that our Company operates within established guidelines
  • Ensures our Company is up to date on legal and commercial issues.
  • Provides industry lobby groups that ensure the Real Estate Industry is represented and the public obtain the best service
  • Provides excellent training facilities for our staff on all aspects of real estate
  • Provides “networking” services
  • Ensures members operate to an ethical standard

Gow Property is currently a member of:

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