What are the minimum security requirements for your rental?

With the recent changes to rental property security standards now officially in place, you need to ensure your rental home meets the minimum security level requirements.

Your REIWA property manager will be able to assist you in this regard, but it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with exactly what areas of the home have updated security requirements, so that you’re well informed of your responsibilities.  CLICK HERE

Termination of Tenancy by an Owner

Read more about the termination of a tenancy for a reason other than for non-payment of rent. CLICK HERE

What expenses can you claim on your rental property?

As an owner of a rental property, you are entitled to claim tax deductions for some of the expenses you incur while your property is rented or available for rent.

To work out what you can and cannot deduct from your tax, you need to understand which expenditure category your costs fall into.   CLICK HERE

Boosting rental returns the keys for investors

There are a number of ways you can help increase your rental return if you own a rental property. CLICK HERE

Don’t let your property deteriorate

Allowing your investment property to deteriorate over time is a big mistake.

While in the short term it may be tempting to save money on regular maintenance, in the long run neglecting the property will prove very costly. Your investment is less likely to increase in value as much as others, the rental income will be lower and tenants will be less likely to respect the premises. CLICK HERE

Don’t tinker with negative gearing

Any plan to mess with the current negative gearing provisions is fraught because it is so deeply entrenched and therefore interlinked with our vast and complex tax system. Changing one part of it inevitably impacts on others.  CLICK HERE

Ending a Rental Tenancy

Whether because you simply wish to move on, or because there has been a breach of the terms of agreement, the correct way to end a tenancy is dependent on a number of factors.

When deciding how to move forward, you will need to take into account who is ending it, why they are ending it and whether you are on a fixed-term or periodic lease. CLICK HERE

Extension & Variation to Tenancy

The Residential Tenancies Act has been amended to make renewing or extending a tenancy agreement more simple.  CLICK HERE

Five features tenants want in a rental

Finding a tenant for your investment property in Perth’s current rental market can present some challenges.
To attract and keep good tenants you need to make sure your property offers tenants what they want. Here are five popular features tenants want in a rental.  CLICK HERE

House or unit, which is the better real estate investment?

Deciding between a house or unit is one of the bigger decisions you’ll make as a property investor.
The range of property types available to investors has widened significantly in recent years. You can now choose from the traditional house and block of land, to an array of medium density dwellings including flats, villas, town houses, apartments and duplexes. CLICK HERE

How do you terminate a rental lease agreement?

Having to terminate a lease agreement is something you dread occurring if you own a rental property.
In a perfect world, every rental experience would go smoothly – but if you’re experiencing hassles with a tenant and want to take steps to terminate their contract, discuss this with your property manager and educate yourself on your rights. CLICK HERE

How to Approach tax time as an Investor

The start of a new financial year means one thing to most people – tax time! If you’re an investor who rents out your property, it’s important you take the time to gather all your records, expenses and paper work in preparation for doing your tax return.
Keep good records! CLICK HERE

How to make your investment property stand out to tenants

With rental listings in Perth hovering above the long term average right now, competition to secure tenants has increased.
So what can you do to make your rental property stand out in this market? CLICK HERE

How to select a property manager for your investment property

Investing in property is a wise decision, but a big responsibility, so it’s important to make sure your property is managed by a professional.
Choosing to use a REIWA property manager to look after your rental property will ensure all the daily tasks of managing your investment are taken care of. CLICK HERE

Is a holiday house a good investment?

There’s nothing better than getting away over the festive season to one of the many picturesque holiday destinations WA has to offer.
Whether you prefer to head north or south, a change of scenery can get you thinking about investing in a holiday house of your own.

Property Management platforms risk investor security

During this time of economic downturn, you may be tempted into self-management by the emergence of so-called ‘self-help’ websites, but there are risks involved with managing a rental property yourself. CLICK HERE

Research is the key to investing in Perth property

Investor activity in the property market has been below average levels in recent times, but this buying group will quickly re-emerge as the housing market stabilises, the state’s population grows, vacancy rates fall and the rental yield increases.
It pays to do your research! CLICK HERE

The benefits of hiring a property manager

Hiring a property manager to oversee the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities of your rental home is a wise decision.
Namely, you have the security of knowing you have employed a professional body to help mind your investment. CLICK HERE

Thorough research makes property investment less daunting

Investing in property can be daunting, but with thorough research it can prove extremely beneficial to your long-term financial security. CLICK HERE

Understanding property market language

Do you have an interest in the property market but struggle to understand all the language thrown around?
Trying to make sense of all the data and analysis can be daunting. To help you better understand the property market, we’ve put together a guide to help demystify some of the more commonly used words and phrases. CLICK HERE

What is the difference between positive and negative gearing?

When deciding to invest in property, it’s imperative you understand the difference between positive and negative gearing.

Put simply, the difference between the two terms lies in whether you make a profit or loss on your investment. CLICK HERE

Owning a rental property means that you have an obligation to ensure your property meets certain safety standards. 

The three main safety issues to be aware of as a landlord are chain ties for blinds and curtains, having fences around pools and spas to reduce preventable deaths of children and RCDs and smoke alarms.  CLICK HERE

Why a property manager is a good idea

With around 60 per cent of investment properties in Western Australia professionally managed by a real estate agency, there are many reasons to engage a property manager.   CLICK HERE

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