Strata in Western Australia is big business and is about to see some big reforms. 

Currently around 30% of WA’s population of 2.62million people live in strata titled property and this number is expected to jump to 50% by 5050.

According to the Strata Community Association WA (SCAWA), the strata management industry oversees around $50billion worth of assets

Yet despite this, strata management is an unregulated industry, with no requirements for strata managers such as formal education, qualification or police checks.

So the State Government are currently reviewing the Strata Titles Act, which was written in 1985 (and reviewed in 1996). They’re also compiling a working group of key industry representatives to provide a framework for the licensing of the strata management industry, including improved education and a national code of conduct.

However, these reforms are yet to take place, so here at Gow Property we’d like to reiterate how important it is that you check the following when choosing a strata manager:

Experience: While a strata manager may have experience managing a strata scheme, you must ensure they’re experienced in dealing with the complex issues that arise in your particular strata scheme. Look for a strata manager who has dealt with a diverse range of properties, including a similar strata type to yours.

Qualifications: Industry-recognised qualifications ensure strata managers are equipped with the right skills and training to understand and navigate complex strata regulations specific to your strata type. The best property management companies invest in regular training and development to keep up with the latest legislation and preferred management practices, to ensure owners are given the best possible advice and service at all times.

Professionalism: You need a strata manager you can trust, who has good people skills, can provide sound advice and can respond to issues in a professional and timely manner.

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