Suburbs with the highest growth

Repair anything broken:

From the front door to the back fence, make sure everything is in tip top condition. This rule also applies to anything unfinished, like an unpainted section of wall, a cupboard handle that needs replacing or mouldy bathroom grout. Also, get a plumber to look at your fixings to make sure they’re in top condition and replace any hoses or pipes, which look worn.

It’s all about presentation:

Clean the property to the level at which you want it to be returned. Don’t forget the details such as cupboards, carpets, curtains and blinds, windows, garbage bins, the garage and flyscreens.

Add value:

If your kitchen has a dishwasher recess, adding a good quality dishwasher will make your property more appealing. If your walls are marked, or kitchen outdated, it could be worth repainting the walls or adding new cupboard doors to the cabinets, for a refresh.


Don’t forget to let your insurance company know you’re no longer living there and arrange landlords insurance. Many companies require door and window locks to be of a certain standard.

Keep it legal.

Do the items on your property meet current regulations or safety guidelines. For example, this could include pool fences, stairs, railings, balconies, blinds and curtains, glass and windows.