It seems one of our staff members provided a free weeding service – unknowingly! Here is her story:



I had a viewing at one of our vacant properties up in Ridgewood.  I had been there once before and thought I knew how to get there without google maps.  I drove to the property and pulled up out the front.  There were a lot of weeds in the front garden bed so I thought I would do some weeding as I was early for the viewing.  I had a rubbish bag in my car (as you do as a PM) so I pulled up weeds for about 10 – 15 minutes, then thought it was about time that people turned up.  I checked my watch and thought it was odd that no one was there as I had a lot of people registered.  I then happened to look up at the letterbox and it was the wrong number.  Then I realised I was on the wrong street.  My property was around the block but in my defence, it had the same look and was in the same spot at the end of the street …. Just the wrong street.  I quickly looked around to see if anyone had seen me weeding, grabbed my rubbish bag, jumped in my car and went around the corner to find lots of people waiting for me at my viewing!  I often wonder if the people who lived at that house ever wondered who the garden fairy was that did their weeding.