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Rental market remains strong

Perth’s rental market has improved, with reiwa.com data for the September 2018 quarter showing positive results across the board. REIWA President Damian Collins said leasing activity was up, median rents remained stable, average leasing times were quicker and the vacancy rate had plummeted to 3.9% -  the lowest level in more than four years. Rent [...]

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Female footy champs

We may be biased, but think the Wembley Junior Football Club are total winners. Last month, the Wembley Magpies (Year 7 and 8 Junior Girls) went and proved so, by winning the 2018 Claremont/Subiaco Grand Final. They beat the Claremont Tigers by 33 points (Wembley Magpies 8-6-54 to Claremont Tigers 3-3-21). We reckon the girls [...]

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What if the plumbing fixture broke in the apartment above and started flooding your apartment? Then it started flooding the apartment below. What if the owner of the apartment above was mid-flight to a friend’s wedding and completely uncontactable for hours during the event? This was one of two cases Dee Gow encountered last month, [...]

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Smoke alarms

Is your smoke alarm up to date? Western Australia's Building Regulations require the owner of a dwelling to have compliant smoke alarms installed in their property.   According to the  Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety, owners who rent or hire a dwelling are required by law to maintain the smoke alarms. This includes ensuring [...]

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Meet Jake the footy champ

At Gow Property, we love our footy. That’s why we’re proud supporters of the Wembley Junior Football Club. We’d like to introduce you to Jake Cotes, who is the first coach for WJFC to win the club’s Volunteer Award - sponsored by our Company. Despite a tough season for WJFC’s Year 4 White team, Jake’s [...]

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Are you ready for Winter?

Brrr! We hate to sound all Captain Obvious here, but hasn’t this Winter been a bit ch… ch… chilly? Well, for Perth standards anyway. In fact, it has been the wettest June in Perth for five years, thanks to a series of rather impressive storm fronts. So with all of this talk of inclement weather, [...]

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Renting a Strata Property – Information for Tenants

If you rent a unit, apartment, townhouse or duplex, you’re probably living in a strata-titled property. Strata complexes are known for their common areas, as well as special sets of rules or by-laws that are decided by the body corporate and guided by the Strata Titles Act (1985). As a tenant in a strata property, [...]

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