Smoke alarms

Is your smoke alarm up to date? Western Australia's Building Regulations require the owner of a dwelling to have compliant smoke alarms installed in their property.   According to the  Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety, owners who rent or hire a dwelling are required by law to maintain the smoke alarms. This includes ensuring [...]

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Property Manager checklist

Property Manager checklist.   We discovered this excellent six point checklist by Slavko Romic and Anthony Moore on of what a property manager should do for their clients.   Promoting and advertising property for lease It is key when promoting a property to show off the best features of the property and its location. [...]

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Be a squeaky wheel, when it comes to strata

Be a squeaky wheel, when it comes to strata. Yes, some may consider the person who has lots to say in a strata meeting, rather err… annoying. However, Jimmy Thomson the editor of told The Financial Review that being apathetic towards strata decisions may end up costing you more money and possibly sleep… in [...]

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Meet Jake the footy champ

At Gow Property, we love our footy. That’s why we’re proud supporters of the Wembley Junior Football Club. We’d like to introduce you to Jake Cotes, who is the first coach for WJFC to win the club’s Volunteer Award - sponsored by our Company. Despite a tough season for WJFC’s Year 4 White team, Jake’s [...]

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