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Vacancy rates down yet again

Perth’s rental vacancy rate dropped to 3.9% during the September 2018 quarter – falling below the ten year average. REIWA's data shows it's the lowest vacancy rates Perth has experienced since the March 2014 quarter. Gow Property's vacancy rate still remains below the Perth average at 2.5%. 

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Rental market remains strong

Perth’s rental market has improved, with reiwa.com data for the September 2018 quarter showing positive results across the board. REIWA President Damian Collins said leasing activity was up, median rents remained stable, average leasing times were quicker and the vacancy rate had plummeted to 3.9% -  the lowest level in more than four years. Rent [...]

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$9K in deductions for investors

Did you know that investing in new properties could hold almost $9000 of tax deductions? Bradley Beerm CEO of BMT Tax Depreciation told Smart Property Investment investors are allowed to claim deductions on capital works, which include the property’s structure and items permanently connected to the property to the total of $5065 per year. He [...]

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Strata; Australia’s newest trillion dollar sector

With an insured value of almost $1 trillion, covering 2.6 million lots and directly employing 9000 people nationwide, the strata sector is an important part of the Australian economy (source; Strata Community Association 2018). The Australian National Strata Data Report, prepared by the University of NSW City Futures Research Centre and funded by the Strata [...]

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Smoke alarms

Is your smoke alarm up to date? Western Australia's Building Regulations require the owner of a dwelling to have compliant smoke alarms installed in their property.   According to the  Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety, owners who rent or hire a dwelling are required by law to maintain the smoke alarms. This includes ensuring [...]

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Property Manager checklist

Property Manager checklist.   We discovered this excellent six point checklist by Slavko Romic and Anthony Moore on smartpropertyinvestment.com.au of what a property manager should do for their clients.   Promoting and advertising property for lease It is key when promoting a property to show off the best features of the property and its location. [...]

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Our vacancy rates are below average so often it’s BORING!

“Our vacancy rates are well below average so often it’s BORING!” The Post Newspaper couldn’t have put it better. Check out this boring graph, which shows Gow Property’s vacancy rates compared to the State’s average for the past 27 months. If you have a vacant investment property or are tired of poor management of your [...]

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Are you ready for Winter?

Brrr! We hate to sound all Captain Obvious here, but hasn’t this Winter been a bit ch… ch… chilly? Well, for Perth standards anyway. In fact, it has been the wettest June in Perth for five years, thanks to a series of rather impressive storm fronts. So with all of this talk of inclement weather, [...]

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Why Landlords need Insurance.

Going travelling? You get travel insurance. Buying a car? Car insurance. Why, even hand models have been known to insure their famous fingers. But one insurance that is often overlooked is landlord insurance. Landlord insurance covers a wide range of incidents, which aren’t covered by other types of home and contents insurance: - Loss of [...]

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