Strata; Australia’s newest trillion dollar sector

With an insured value of almost $1 trillion, covering 2.6 million lots and directly employing 9000 people nationwide, the strata sector is an important part of the Australian economy (source; Strata Community Association 2018). The Australian National Strata Data Report, prepared by the University of NSW City Futures Research Centre and funded by the Strata [...]

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Female footy champs

We may be biased, but think the Wembley Junior Football Club are total winners. Last month, the Wembley Magpies (Year 7 and 8 Junior Girls) went and proved so, by winning the 2018 Claremont/Subiaco Grand Final. They beat the Claremont Tigers by 33 points (Wembley Magpies 8-6-54 to Claremont Tigers 3-3-21). We reckon the girls [...]

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What if the plumbing fixture broke in the apartment above and started flooding your apartment? Then it started flooding the apartment below. What if the owner of the apartment above was mid-flight to a friend’s wedding and completely uncontactable for hours during the event? This was one of two cases Dee Gow encountered last month, [...]

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