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Portable Pool Safety – Know the Law

With the warmer weather upon us, you may be considering purchasing a portable or inflatable pool. With the recent reports of children near drowning in Perth, it is important that you know and adhere to the safety requirements regarding portable pools.   Portable pools can pose a safety risk, especially for children under the age [...]

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Suburb in focus – West Perth

  Suburb in focus - West Perth A short stroll in the westerly direction of Perth City sits West Perth. Home to the much loved and iconic Kings Park, this affluent suburb comprises elegant, modern apartment complexes and impressive office towers. A homing beacon for successful, professional types, West Perth had more than 5,608 residents at [...]

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24/7 access with our “Look at my strata” system.

  Whether you need to know when your next levy payment is due, require insurance details or even the minutes of the last general meeting, you can log in and obtain this information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.     As an owner, you can view and download information and documentation including: [...]

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Using Rental Rate of Return (ROR) to Assess Value

  September quarterly figures show that Perth is generating one of the highest rental “rate of return” (ROR) or “yields”, across the Nation.       A helpful tool to use when considering a suitable rental rate is to consider the rental “rate of return” (ROR) or the rental “yield”. The rate of return is [...]

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Mould in rental properties

The ongoing cold and wet weather in parts of Western Australia are prolonging the risk of mould developing in a rental property. The damage that mould can cause to the property and a person’s health can be quite costly. The below information and tips may help avoid and reduce the impact of mould in a [...]

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Suburb in focus – Wembley

  Wembley is a large western-suburb of Perth with a population exceeding 11,300 people (2016 Census). Wembley was established in 1831 with population growths occurring between 1910 and 1930, and again in the post-war years. More recently, Wembley has experienced gradual increases since the mid-1990s as new homes have been added to the suburb. [...]

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Latest release of ATO data shows property investors could be under-claiming

  First home buyer schemes, immediate asset write-offs for business owners, Job Keeper; it could appear that the Government stimulus incentives of 2020 were directed at any beneficiary other than property investors. […]

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