Five popular plants you should avoid in your backyard

When it comes to gift-giving this Christmas, many families will find inspiration in the local nursery. Plants are a popular ultimate eco-friendly gift, but which species should you steer clear of to avoid a future headache?   Ficus Ficus species such as rubber plants and figs have luscious dark green leaves and are surprisingly popular, [...]

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Workers are still staying at home in virus-free Perth

In Perth, where Premier Mark McGowan says COVID-19 has been “crushed and killed”, there is nothing preventing workers from returning to the office in pre-pandemic numbers.   Yet they are not. Many workers in the Perth CBD are spending at least a day or two every week away from the office and working from home, [...]

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How to Get Rid of Spiders

While most of WA’s house spiders are relatively harmless, there are a few species that can get quite aggressive when cornered. Red-back, white-tailed, huntsman, and wolf spiders are all commonplace in gardens, sheds, and sometimes homes across the state. These species, alongside harmless garden orb-weaving spiders and daddy-long-legs, tend to migrate indoors in spring to [...]

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ATO targets property investors

About $45 billion in rental expenses were lodged to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) last financial year, pushing property investors’ compliance with tax laws to the top of the Tax Office’s agenda.       Short-term rentals The ATO is cracking down on taxpayers' declaration (or non declaration) of short-term rental income, popularised by [...]

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