Are you a NEW Investment Property owner looking for a professional Property Manager?

Selecting the right property manager is critical. New and experienced property buyers in the investment market can be overwhelmed with choices and often select the nearest property manager or utilise the services of the office of the selling agent without considering the consequence. The nearest property manager is likely to be a sales office and for the selling agent it is all about keeping contact for future sales – you want the best property manager in Perth.

Take time to analyse and select your property manager and avoid the practices that have caused many property owners bad experiences.

Good Property Managers work for Property Management companies that have a strong and professional presence; a good reputation and who are rewarding to work for and offer all the tools for the property manager to work efficiently. This provides clients with a rewarding property management experience.

Current trends are for specialist property management companies who focus on property management and not mass sales. Today’s legislative requirements, combined with “best practice” ” expected from a property manager have led to a separation between the sales office and property management office. Specialist Property Managers will add value to your asset and make the experience rewarding for you.

That’s the property manager you want managing your investment property in Perth!


  • Consistently lower vacancy rates than other agents because they show properties after hours and on weekends as well as caring for your investment.
  • A zero tolerance approach to rent arrears
  • Use of top technology to provide fast and accurate service
  • Property Managers who are focused on the investor’s requirements
  • Property Managers who critically assess your property and advise on ongoing maintenance
  • Property Managers who regularly inspect your property

Take the stress out of property management and select the right property manager from the beginning!

We Take The Stress Out Of Property Management

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