There are a few basic steps and things to think about when wanting to get a pet.

First consider the practicality of the pet in your rental property.

  • Does the property have the room to accommodate the pet you are thinking of
  • Does the property have delicate carpets  or furnishings that could be damaged
  • What can be damaged when the pet misbehaves and has an accident.

Next, be honest with your property manager and discuss with them if you are considering a pet and find out what is involved. There is no point getting a pet and hiding the fact because if discovered, you could be forced to leave your home or give up your pet.

Thirdly, commence the paperwork side of your revised tenancy agreement

  • You will need to put in a pet application.  Not all premises allow a pet. (strata by-laws or decision made by the owner)
  • The property manager will put forward your pet request to the owner and the Strata if applicable and will give you an answer as soon as practical.
  • Once your pet has been approved you will need to sign a pet agreement and pay a pet bond.  A pet bond is $260.  Your pet agreement will request you pay for pesticide treatment if your pet carries fleas or other parasites. It is normal that when a tenant with a pet vacates, the property is fumigated.

Remember, a new pet especially puppies who are not toilet trained may stain carpets or chew on furniture.  In this instance you will be liable for any damage caused by your new furry friend.