Our Company Specialises in Property Management

We have four property managers who each handle a portfolio of residential properties. Unlike some agencies, we insist that each manager control all aspects of the rental property (finding tenants, inspections, reference checks, bonds, issuing of breach notices, court appearance where necessary and liaison with owners).

To enable the manager to do this quickly and efficiently, we provide a high quality of fast computer hardware and software, several support staff (accounts, administration, filing and reception) and strong supervisory support. In summary the services provided by our property managers are:

  • Advertising vacant properties for suitable tenants (newspapers, web, handouts, faxing details, info numbers)
  • We accompany prospective tenants through rental properties and never hand out keys!
  • Vetting prospective tenants (interviews, reference checks, REIWA bad tenant data base)
  • Collecting rent and ensuring it is paid on time.
  • Breaching tenants when in arrears and ensuring compliance with the State legal requirements
  • Inspecting properties on a regular basis to ensure tenants maintain the property
  • Evicting tenants who fail to maintain a property.
  • Completing detailed start of tenancy inspections and end of tenancy inspections (Bond inspections and Property Condition Reports)

If you would like more information, contact one of your friendly team here or phone 08 6389 7777.

Looking for a better Property Manager?

Property management is a service industry; sadly not all investors are getting the level of service they seek. Having been in the business for 25 years we have observed numerous bad situations that have arisen through poor management. Sometimes we have also been guilty and hopefully have learnt some lessons.

Look for these features when selecting a suitable property manager

  • Efficient use of technology.Office open times and a duty property manager over weekends to handle emergencies.
  • Does the Company show properties after hours and on weekends when tenants are most likely to want to view a property?
  • Does the Company have good reliable tradesmen to call on?
  • Do they pay electronically on a day which suits my mortgage payments?
  • Has the Company been operating for some time?
  • Are you regularly being double charged for accounts and find that the tenant is not paying their water and electricity charges.

Signals to be aware of that you are getting poor service:

  • It takes days for my property manager to return my call or answer my email – sometimes they never respond.
  • My property manager doesn’t even know my property; I feel like just a number.
  • My property has been vacant for way too long, it’s costing me money.
  • They don’t contact me to let me know what’s going on with my property.
  • They don’t contact me when there is maintenance required.
  • I don’t have anyone I can complain to if the property manager makes a big stuff up.
  • Are you regularly being double charged for accounts and find that the tenant is not paying their water and electricity charges?

If you are searching for a superior property manager, send us a message here.

Why Gow Property Management is Different

  • We are specialist property managers
  • Focussed on providing excellence with our service
  • Strong Strata and Commercial management team
  • Been in the business in Perth for 28 years and intend to be around for a lot longer
  • Consistent family management team to help handle those occasional difficult situations
  • We always have low vacancy rates
  • Zero tolerance to rent arrears
  • Operate throughout Perth
  • Central office in Jolimont
  • Very high level of technology designed to improve service and allow our staff to be more efficient
  • Other points of Difference
    • Always a duty person after hours
    • We show properties over weekends
    • Good client communications
    • Owner Tenant and Strata Portals

Contact us now to find out why Gow Property differs.

Are you a NEW owner looking for a Property Manager?

Selecting the right property manager is critical. New and experienced property buyers in the investment market can be overwhelmed with choices and often select the nearest property manager or utilise the services of the office of the selling agent without considering the consequence. The nearest property manager is likely to be a sales office and for the selling agent it is all about keeping contact for future sales – you want the best property manager in Perth.

Take time to analyse and select your property manager and avoid the practices that have caused many property owners bad experiences.

Good Property Managers work for Property Management companies that have a strong and professional presence; a good reputation and who are rewarding to work for and offer all the tools for the property manager to work efficiently. This provides clients with a rewarding property management experience.

Current trends are for specialist property management companies who focus on property management and not mass sales. Today’s legislative requirements, combined with “best practice” ” expected from a property manager have led to a separation between the sales office and property management office. Specialist Property Managers will add value to your asset and make the experience rewarding for you.

That’s the property manager you want managing your investment property in Perth. Contact us!

Are you stressed out doing your own property management?

An investor should consider the following when deciding whether or not to manage their own property:

Do you have the time?

  • Scheduling and attending the home opens, reference checks, drawing up the lease and completing bond lodgement forms as well as attending the lease sign up and doing the property condition report.
  • Conducting regular inspections and the final bond inspection.
  • Tracking rent payments, lease renewals and rent increases.

Do you know the law?

  • Many owners will be unaware of the new legislative changes to the Residential Tenancies Act. The courts expect a property owner to know.
  • New tenant MUST receive copies of a Property Condition Report within 10 days
  • What happens to the final bond report?
  • What are the BOND requirements?
  • Vacating and evicting tenants
  • Breaching the Act can result in fines ranging from $1000.00 to $10,000.00.

Are you really saving money?

Another misconception about self-managing your property is that it will save you money. This is almost NEVER the case.

  • Private landlords are more likely to have a bad tenant as they don’t have access to the databases that property managers do to check on an applicant’s rental history.
  • A badly damaged property can result in long periods of repair with the associated costs if a poor tenant has been let loose. The time and cost of attending court to seek recompense must also be considered
  • Private owners have limited resources to advertise their property with many private landlords only exposing their property to 10% of the market.
  • Delays in leasing a property cost money if the property is not advertised in as many avenues as possible. REMEMBER, the cost of property management is a tax deduction.
  • Capital appreciation is the bottom line for property investors. Rental return is low when compared to capital appreciation over the longer term. Make sure your property is well maintained and not damaged to achieve the best capital return.

Keep an arms length relationship with your tenant

  • Many private landlords get into trouble by not keeping their tenant at arm’s length.
  • A few tenants will see a close relationship with the landlord as an avenue to allow them to fall behind with their rent.
  • Some landlords believe they can “drop in” on the tenant and not allow the tenant their legislated right to “quiet enjoyment”. This can lead to court and the loss of the tenant and subsequent rent.
  • Some tenants can be very demanding if they see they are dealing with the owner and may want unnecessary costly repairs and capital items to be installed.

Other issues to be considered

  • Private landlords are generally unable to check a prospective tenant’s past rental history on a database
  • Tenants litigating and lodging complaints with the Department of Consumer Affairs have become increasingly common.
  • A good property manager will have access to good professional legal advice.
  • Legislative requirements now require the use of numerous prescribed forms – professional property managers have access to such forms.

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