Gow property carries out six week routine inspections at the beginning of every tenancy.  What we found at this six weekly routine inspection shocked us all.

The property manager began the routine inspection to discover a hole and vent piping in the ceiling of one of the bedrooms.  There were copious amounts of fertiliser and equipment in the bedroom cupboard; she continued her inspection to uncover seedlings under black plastic in the garage.  Suspicious you might say? After further investigation at a follow-up inspection 2 weeks later, fully grown marijuana plants were found in the ceiling!

Thanks to the diligence of Gow Property’s property manager at the six weekly inspections, this kind of criminal act was stopped in its tracks.  As the property was correctly managed, the appropriate steps were taken to breach the tenant in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act against criminal activity found in the property.  In addition, the tenant has now been evicted before further damage has been caused.

Don’t leave your investment property open to this kind of activity and ask Gow Property today how we can best manage your property.