Is the Perth rental market in a Dead Cat Bounce? Share traders and brokers will often talk about a dead cat bounce where the market appears to drag along at the bottom of a cycle and suddenly start to move upwards – not far, before falling again to a low.

REIWA figures show the number of rental properties in Perth had increased to around 11,100 through 2016 and has dropped to around 10,700 in the last 3 weeks (A dead cat bounce??). The number of properties leased per week has been around 1150, dropping to 916 leased for week ending 27/9/16.

This compares to

8256  properties to lease 29/9/15

5716  properties to lease 1/10/14

3765  properties to lease 25/9/13

2219  properties to lease 1/10/12


Hopefully we are wrong but evidence on the ground from the number of viewings, applications received and interest indicates little real change over the last 3 months. REIWA statistics show properties leased per week has actually dropped in the last few weeks. We are seeing a lot of apartments coming onto the rental market with more expected in the next few years.

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