We Thought Residential Rents Were Stabilizing

2-3 weeks ago our vacancy rates showed a definite improvement and we started to get more enquiries. The last 2 weeks have seen a big jump in tenants vacating. Applicants are asking for extras such as air-conditioners and washing machines as an enticement. The move away from apartments/units to houses or duplexes is still apparent [...]

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Six Star Service

Demand for good property management attending to more expensive and exclusive property leasing has prompted us to form a small exclusive section catering for this market. The rent roll will be looked after by Christine Gow who has over 15 years’ experience and understands that market. Our objective will be to provide a high level [...]

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To claim or not to claim?

Property Investment – What is claimable for a tax deduction straight away? *   Interest on a loan to purchase a rental property, an associated asset or renovation of that rental property *   Cost of repairs and maintenance *   Tenancy costs such as leasing fees, property management fees and evicting a tenant What can’t be claimed as a [...]

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