Are your property managers unresponsive, impersonal or ineffective with your investment?

Maybe you are the property manager and you no longer have the time or expertise to do it yourself.

Scarborough is a fantastic place to invest in property in Perth and you need a fantastic property manager to go along with it. Look for a professional property manager who takes care of everything from advertising and inspections to rent collection, and make sure they understand the Scarborough region. A local Scarborough property management firm will only benefit you more, providing unique local knowledge that will boost your property investment potential.

Scarborough beach at sunset

Why Invest in Property in Scarborough?

If you’re looking at the Scarborough area but you haven’t settled on your choice, just ask the locals why they love it so much! They’ll tell you that Scarborough in the best beachside suburb in Perth but it still has all the convenience of inner-city living.

Scarborough offers excellent medical care, convenient public transport and high-speed internet access. This is balanced by beautiful parklands and greenery, pristine local beaches and a peaceful atmosphere all year around. Scarborough is also surrounded by other safe and upper-class suburbs, meaning it will attract families with kids as well as beach lovers and professionals.

How to Choose a Property Manager

Finding the right tenant in Scarborough will be even easier with residential and commercial property managers.

When you’re looking for a new property manager, ask about their historical vacancy rates, their advertising & screening procedures, and anything else you might want to know. The best property management professionals will be able to answer all your questions honestly because they’ll have the track record to back their answers up.

A great property manager will have dedicated commercial and residential property management services, and of course, they will be local to the Scarborough area.

Choose Gow Property for All Your Management Needs?

Why choose Gow as your residential and commercial property managers? As well as being centrally located near Scarborough, we provide comprehensive property services – from selling to appraisals and, of course, property management. With a track record spanning nearly three decades, we’ll be happy to show you how we can benefit your property in Scarborough.

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