We often see disruption and friction between the property manager and a tenant. This achieves nothing and only causes both parties stress and discomfort. Things may take longer to finalise and too many people get involved wasting everyone’s time.

Some tips to ensure a good relationship:

• Both parties should be courteous to each other- always consider where the other party is coming from in the conversation.

• Do try to streamline all communication by keeping it simple. When writing an email, bullet points are your friend. Talk to each other and do not enter into a war of words by email. If required, it would be best to have a site meeting to fully comprehend a problem.

• Face to face meetings will almost always result in an outcome without the aggravation. People are usually better behaved when dealing directly with each other.

• Be prepared to give – remember every party wants to have a win. We sometimes see arguments over minor issues that have cost everyone time and money but could have been resolved with a little leeway on both sides.

• Avoid going to court for magistrates to settle your dispute- a lot of court cases are settled at pre-trial conferences which could easily and more speedily be resolved at the time of the problem by the parties communicating and working on a settlement.

• Remember your property manager is required to work within legal constraints and is required to work at the direction of the owner of the property.

• Review the documentation provided at the commencement of your lease. It may be onerous, but you will be more aware of your rights and the lease requirements.