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Fair wear and tear vs Damage

At the end of the tenancy fair wear and tear or damage may be an issue at your final bond inspection.  As a tenant you are responsible for any negligent, irresponsible or intentional damage to the property. Here are some great examples to direct you on what is fair wear and tear or damage; Fair [...]

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Stabilised Perth Market

The Perth rental market has seen a decrease in vacancies since last year May 2016.  REIWA statistics show vacancies were 11,500 and have decreased to 10,500 currently in WA.  This compares with around 3500 in 2013. The tightening of the number of vacant properties will eventually translate to an increase in rental price per week; [...]

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Year End Tax Time Considerations

With tax time fast approaching, property investors may not be prepared. One landlord insurance specialist gives some tips on how to play nice with the tax man. Carolyn Parrella, executive manager of Terri Scheer Insurance and a property investor, says landlords often come under scrutiny from the ATO when lodging tax returns and it is vital [...]

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Air BnB,Uber,Stayz,Purple Bricks

You will all be familiar with some of these names. They are the new wave of businesses competing for your business and are here to stay. But they are called disruptors and with very good reason. As with all situations, we hear good and bad about their services and operations. Affecting Property Management the most [...]

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NBN roll out and your investment property

Tenants are allowed to have NBN with the Landlord’s permission. NBN Co will need to install equipment on both the inside and outside of the property. If your property is managed by Strata, permission from the Strata is necessary to install NBN. The roll out of NBN will disconnect your existing copper network after the [...]

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General Dishwasher Maintenance Tips

A dishwasher is generally a low maintenance appliance. Below are some basic tips for keeping your dishwasher running in tip-top shape. • Don’t Get Zapped. Dishwashers have built-in water heaters and motors which can consume a lot of electricity; couple that with all the water a dishwasher uses and you can see how improper wiring [...]

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Changes in the Rental Market in 2016

We have seen an interesting change in the reasons why tenants are vacating. Early in 2016 the majority of tenants vacated due to the down turn in the resource and construction industry. They were being retrenched or reaching the end of their working contracts.  This applied particularly to those in apartments. There was also a [...]

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Avoid Conflict – The Advantage of Having a Smooth Relationship with your Property Manager

We often see disruption and friction between the property manager and a tenant. This achieves nothing and only causes both parties stress and discomfort. Things may take longer to finalise and too many people get involved wasting everyone’s time. Some tips to ensure a good relationship: • Both parties should be courteous to each other- [...]

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As a tenant can I get NBN?

The great news is you may be able to get NBN if you’re renting your property. You will need to ask your Property Manager for permission and keep them informed about connecting your home to the NBN.  NBN Co will need to install equipment on both the inside and outside of your home. Make sure you [...]

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Leases and co-tenants

The Residential Tenancy Agreement (Lease) is a legal contract. If any party wants to change the lease, all parties must agree in writing. This includes the Agent, The Landlord and ALL tenants who are party to the lease. There are ramifications – can the remaining tenants on the lease afford the rent? Will the landlord [...]

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