Standard web listings are no longer cutting it in this difficult market.  Owners need to consider how much is spent for advertising and how to get the best results.

Tenants and buyers rarely use newspaper advertising. To gain the most out of web advertising,  property owners are realising that by paying more to position the add in the first 1-2 pages and making the add standout they will achieve the best results. It may seem expensive at times but compared with the newspaper advertising it is very cheap. Web advertisers are now getting clever by making the larger, more obvious and better positioned advertisements appear in the first few pages. Unfortunately the property owner has to pay to get the best out of their advertising and reach a wider audience. 75-85% of Gow listings come from and ideally you want to be on page 1.

Ways to be prominent on web pages of

Option 1 -To be on PAGE 1 – Activate a Highlight listing. Cost is approx. $150 to $300 depending on the suburb and demand in addition to the base advertising cost.  Aimed to grab attention it is 4x the size of a standard advert and stays ahead of the Feature and Standard Ads.

Option 2 – Activate a Feature Advert.  Cost is $89 for a rental property or $500 to $700 for a sale property in addition to standard listing.  This will be seen before the standard listing but after the Highlight listing.

Option 3  – Standard ad included in the base advertising cost our Company charges. This add will always sit after the Feature ad and can be up to 5 or 6 pages from the front. Important to remember that tenants and buyers rarely go beyond pages 2 or 3

We strongly recommend that you optimise your advertising, Spend a little more and reach a wider audience.  You will have more enquiries and be able to pick better tenants.  Your Property Manager will be able to advise you as this form of advertising is quite complex. Unfortunately it is driven by the large web advertisers with whom we have no control.